March 19, 2017

About Prakash

I am always passionate about helping people around me in handling the means of achieving their both professional and personal goals.  With my vast experience of more than three decades in sales, marketing, general administration and leadership roles, I am also known for building effective teams, designing and implementing business strategy to turnaround with a specific timelines. In this process I have involved myself in coaching, mentoring and training executives.

I have obtained diploma in coaching from SYMBIOSIS COACHING, USA as a Certified Life Coach & Certified Career Transition Coach (ICF) (CCA).  I am a holder of duel certification of NLP practitioner and coach and undergone more than 148 hours of class room training with an experience of coaching more than 100 executives in a span of one year since Feb 2016.

I am also a licensed trainer of Anil Dagia’s “Emotional Fitness Gym™”. Conducted Five workshops training more than 100 professionals and executives on How to develop immunity to ‘Stress’ and become more productive.

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