March 31, 2017


What a wonderful session from Prakash Thalya, thoroughly enjoyed and was a great stress buster. Sir, you have shown the path which of those can be replicated daily, this would go a long way in getting the upper hand in the battle against stress
Veejai Ahluwalia
Business owner, Sterling Pest Control, Mumbai
Great Concept, really, emotional fitness is the need of the hour, every bit as necessary as physical fitness
Milind Kher
CEO, Hospitality Quorum, Mumbai
Looking forward for more such sessions from you Prakash.
Nikhil Khanse
Business owner, Reliable Pest control, Pune
It was a great fun and WOW moment to rethink and relive the happy moments
Quadros Stelson
Business owner, Express Pest control, Mumbai
The coaching session with Prakash has really opened up my potentiality to take and accept challenges, realised my potentiality to thrive on competition to come up successfully year on year. I never new, I had so much within me, thanks to Prakash for making me realise
Ved Vrat
Zonal Manager, North Zone, Bayer Cropscience, Delhi